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Environmental Health & Safety


Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and Building Emergency Plan (BEP) is required for ALL employees (including student employees and volunteers):


  • Go to the Building Emergency Plan (BEP) Online Information page to identify your Department Safety Coordinator (DSC). Then, contact your DSC to find out how your department's IIPP/BEP training is delivered.


Training related to specific workplace, department and/or job tasks may also be required. Follow the steps below to determine what training you need:


  • Visit the Required Safety and Compliance Training for Researchers website to determine what is generally required for job tasks.

  • Consult with your supervisor and DSC for other required training.


- For more details, click here


Permission to use radioactive materials or radiation producing machines (RPMs) at UC Berkeley is authorized by the issuance of a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA).


If you would like to be added to an existing Radiation Use Authorization (RUA):


  • Complete the appropriate training.

  • Complete and submit the Radiation User Information Form.

  • Have the RUA Holder or Lab Contact complete and submit a RUA Change Form requesting the addition to the RUA.

  • - For more details, click here

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